Past Events


Sep 16

Franck Sueur, Université de Bordeaux

Motion of several slender rigid filaments in a Stokes flow
Sep 16

Juan Muñoz Echaniz, Columbia University

A monopole invariant for families of contact structures
Fine Hall 314 / -
Sep 16

Xiaoyu He, Princeton University

Long common subsequences between bitstrings
Fine Hall 224 / -
Sep 15

Ravi Shankar, Princeton University

Regularity and rigidity for special Lagrangian and sigma-2 equations
Fine Hall 314 / -
Sep 15

Xinyi Yuan, BICMR

A uniform Bogomolov type of theorem for curves over global fields
Sep 14

June Huh, Princeton University

Lorentzian polynomials
Fine Hall 322 / -
Sep 13

Rita Teixeira da Costa, Princeton University

Homogenization of the Einstein equations under symmetry (in-person talk)
Fine Hall 314 / -
Sep 09

Fan Ye, Cambridge University

A large surgery formula for instanton Floer homology
Sep 08

Robert Haslhofer, University of Toronto

Classification of noncollapsed translators in R^4
Sep 07

Joaquín Moraga, Princeton University

 Toroidalization principles for klt singularities
Fine Hall 322 / -


Aug 31

Justin Lacini, The University of Kansas

 Logarithmic bounds on Fujita's conjecture
Aug 24

Mingchen Xia, Chalmers University of Technology

Pluripotential-theoretic characterizations of maximal geodesic rays
Aug 17

Junpeng Jiao, University of Utah

Fibrations and birational geometry
Aug 10

Juanyong Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences

On the structure of varieties of semi-Fano type
Aug 03

Mirko Mauri, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics

Supports and singularities of the Hitchin fibration
Jul 27

Yajnaseni Dutta, University of Bonn

 Linear system of curves on K3 surfaces and Matsushita's conjecture
Jul 20

Kenta Hashizume, The University of Tokyo

Crepant semi-divisorial terminal model
Jul 16

Helmut Hofer, IAS

The Floer Jungle: 35 years of Floer Theory
Jul 09

Laurent Côté, IAS and Harvard University

Action filtrations associated to smooth categorical compactifications
Jul 06

Jean-Pierre Demailly, Universite Grenoble

On the locus of higher order jets of entire curves in complex projective varieties
Jul 02

Felix Schlenk, University of Neuchâtel

Symplectically knotted cubes
Jun 29

Tony Yue Yu, Université Paris-Sud

Secondary fan, theta functions and moduli of Calabi-Yau pairs
Jun 25

Three 20 Minute Research Talks

Mohan Swaminathan, Ben Wormleighton, & Jonathan Zung
Jun 23

Ruobing Zhang, Princeton University

Collapsing geometry of hyperkaehler 4-manifolds: classification and structure theory
Jun 22

Zhiyuan Li, Fudan University

Compactifications of moduli space of K3 surfaces of degree 6
Jun 18

Agustin Moreno, Uppsala University

On the spatial restricted three-body problem
Jun 16

Samuel Pérez-Ayala, University of Notre Dame

Extremal Eigenvalues of the Conformal Laplacian
Jun 11

Francisco Presas, ICMAT

The homotopy type of the space of tight contact structures and the overtwisted mirage
Jun 09

Yuguang Shi, Peking University

Positive mass theorems of ALF and ALG manifolds