The Math Department is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. As such, the Math Department Climate and Inclusion Committee welcomes comments, questions and suggestions from the University community about how our department can better meet this commitment. 

We offer two ways to reach us: either through a direct email address ( which will go to the Climate and Inclusion Committee or through the Anonymous Google Form. This form is anonymous but requires login to Google with your email address. If you need to create a Princeton Google account you can request one at: The Google form is monitored regularly, and suggestions are shared with Peter Sarnak, Climate and Inclusion Committee Chair, Igor Rodnianski, Math Department Chair, Kathleen Applegate, Math Department Manager, and Maria Mastroianni, Climate & Inclusion Communication Liaison. We also encourage community members to reach out to members of the Climate and Inclusion Committee to discuss the committee’s work and how we can better serve the Math Department. 

The Department’s feedback mechanisms are not intended to displace any University policy or existing University-wide reporting mechanism. Should you have bias-related issues, concerns, or complaints that you would like to report to the University (and for which you would like the University to take action), please contact Cheri Burgess, Director for Institutional Equity and Equal Employment Opportunity.  The Math Department and Princeton University Resources list may assist you in identifying the appropriate person to speak with about your concern.

Your email or Google form submission will be kept confidential to the extent possible. Nothing you say in your submission will affect your ability to access the resources of Princeton University or the department in any way. However, should information come to the Department’s attention that may be a potential violation of the University’s policies (including the Policy on Discrimination and/or Harassment, the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy, or the University Sexual Misconduct Policy), the department will be required to refer the submission to the appropriate offices.