Past Events


Jul 20

Kenta Hashizume, The University of Tokyo

Crepant semi-divisorial terminal model
Jul 16

Helmut Hofer, IAS

The Floer Jungle: 35 years of Floer Theory
Jul 09

Laurent Côté, IAS and Harvard University

Action filtrations associated to smooth categorical compactifications
Jul 06

Jean-Pierre Demailly, Universite Grenoble

On the locus of higher order jets of entire curves in complex projective varieties
Jul 02

Felix Schlenk, University of Neuchâtel

Symplectically knotted cubes
Jun 29

Tony Yue Yu, Université Paris-Sud

Secondary fan, theta functions and moduli of Calabi-Yau pairs
Jun 25

Three 20 Minute Research Talks

Mohan Swaminathan, Ben Wormleighton, & Jonathan Zung
Jun 23

Ruobing Zhang, Princeton University

Collapsing geometry of hyperkaehler 4-manifolds: classification and structure theory
Jun 22

Zhiyuan Li, Fudan University

Compactifications of moduli space of K3 surfaces of degree 6
Jun 18

Agustin Moreno, Uppsala University

On the spatial restricted three-body problem
Jun 16

Samuel Pérez-Ayala, University of Notre Dame

Extremal Eigenvalues of the Conformal Laplacian
Jun 11

Francisco Presas, ICMAT

The homotopy type of the space of tight contact structures and the overtwisted mirage
Jun 09

Yuguang Shi, Peking University

Positive mass theorems of ALF and ALG manifolds
Jun 04

Simion Filip, University of Chicago

Degenerations of Kahler forms on K3 surfaces, and some dynamics
Jun 03

Seojeong Park, Jeonju University

$c_1$-cohomological rigidity on Fano generalized Bott manifolds
Jun 02

Chao Li, Princeton University

Classifying sufficiently connected PSC manifolds in 4 and 5 dimensions
May 28

Three 20 Minute Research Talks

Oğuz Şavk, Boğaziçi University, Irene Seifert, University of Heidelberg, Hang Yuan, Stony Brook Univeristy
May 27

Michael Larsen, Indiana University Bloomington

Character estimates for classical finite simple groups
May 26

Gábor Szekelyhidi, University of Notre Dame

Uniqueness of certain cylindrical tangent cones
May 24

Dennis Kriventsov, Rutgers University

Stability for Faber-Krahn inequalities and the ACF formula
May 24

Nick Edelen University of Notre Dame

Degeneration of 7-dimensional minimal hypersurfaces which are stable or have bounded index
May 20

John Rognes, University of Oslo

The Adams spectral sequence for the image-of-J spectrum
May 20

Elizaveta Zhuravleva, Moscow State University

Iterated higher Whitehead products and L-infinity structure for Davis—Januszkiewicz space
May 19

Shouhei Honda, Tohoku University

Heat kernel approach to geometric analysis on metric measure spaces with Ricci curvature bounded below
May 14

Daniel Álvarez-Gavela, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Caustics of Lagrangian homotopy spheres with stably trivial Gauss map
May 13

Nora Ganter, University of Melbourne

Elliptic Representation Theory
May 12

Iosif Polterovich, University of Montreal

Steklov eigenvalues, sloping beaches, and quantum graphs