Standard Math Sequences for Freshmen and Sophomores

  • MAT100: Precalculus/prestatistics refresher.  Fall only.
  • MAT(100)-103-175:  Minimum math required for non-math-track economics majors.
  • MAT103-104-201-202: Solid math sequence for engineering/natural sciences/economics/finance.  Minimum preparation needed for most 300-level courses in math.  (Some 300-level math courses require more background with proofs.)
  • MAT103-104-203-204: More math-intensive science/engineering; a good basis for applied math; recommended for physics.
  • MAT215-217: Recommended for math majors, some prior experience in constructing formal proofs is useful but not required.
  • MAT216-218: Accelerated math major sequence, for students with substantial background in university-level proof-based analysis courses.
  • MAT214-203-204: Alternative path to majoring in math, with a more algebraic introduction to proofs
  • MAT203-204-215: Alternative path to majoring in math; good path for the applied math certificate.



Undergraduate Placement Officer