Welcome to the Princeton University Mathematics Department!

The Princeton University Mathematics Department is located in Fine Hall on Washington Road. Our administrative offices are located on the third floor, as is our Common Room, where Tea is held each afternoon at 3:30 while classes are in session. For the 2014-15 academic year, our department consists of 64 faculty members, 17 visitors and researchers, 7 emeriti faculty members in residence, 62 graduate students, and 70 undergraduate majors.

Seminars & Events

Thursday, May 7

Randomness in irrational rotations
Graduate Student Seminar
Speaker: Maria Avdeeva , Princeton University
Location: Fine Hall 314
Outer billiards and the plaid model
Ergodic Theory & Statistical Mechanics
Speaker: Richard Schwartz, Brown University
Location: Fine Hall 601
Moduli space actions and cyclic operads
Algebraic Topology Seminar
Speaker: Ben Ward , Simons Center, Stony Brook
Location: Fine Hall 214
Is Dispersion a Stabilizing or Destabilizing Mechanism?
Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics
Speaker: Edriss Titi, Texas A&M University
Location: Fine Hall 322

Friday, May 8

q-Combinatorics: A new view
Speaker: Yue Cai, University of Kentucky
Location: Fine Hall 214
Variational stability of Kähler Ricci Solitons
Differential Geometry & Geometric Analysis Seminar
Speaker: Nefton Pali, Université Paris-Sud (Orsay
Location: Fine Hall 314
Geometry of minimal surfaces in homogeneous spaces
Differential Geometry & Geometric Analysis Seminar
Speaker: Laurent Hauswirth, Université de Marne-la-Vallée
Location: Fine Hall 314

Monday, May 11

On a polynomial Carleson operator along the paraboloid
Analysis Seminar
Speaker: Lillian Pierce, Duke University
Location: Fine Hall 314
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