Declaring as Math Major

Registrar's Information About Declaring a Major (Spring 2018)

A.B. students entering the junior year must officially declare a concentration prior to fall semester course selection, during a time period determined by the Registrar's Office, in mid-April.

Departmental Approval:

  • The department usually holds a Sophomore Open House for prospective majors in early April.
  • Before submitting a concentration on the registrar's web site, you must first obtain approval of the department.
  • Make an appointment with the Departmental Representative or one of the designated math major advisors to discuss your plans. This is a very good opportunity to discuss the courses you plan to take in your junior year and to begin planning for your senior independent work.
  • Take two copies of the Course Enrollment Worksheet to this meeting as well as a copy of your course history printout (Go to TigerHub>Student Center>My Academics>View My Course History).  You will need to give the course history printout and one copy of the Course Enrollment Worksheet to the Undergraduate Administrator, Michelle Matel, in Fine 315.
  • Concentration Declaration:  When the departmental approval process is complete, you are ready to declare your concentration by going to the Concentration Declaration web page on the Registrar's web site.
  • You must declare your concentration before you are allowed to select fall term courses for your junior year.


Department Representative, Associate Chair
Undergraduate Administrator
Assistant Department Representative