Undergraduate Program

In the fall semester approximately 1400 students enroll in our diverse undergraduate course offerings.  Future mathematics majors generally (but not always) begin with one of our introductory proof-based courses:

  • MAT215 (Honors Analysis in a Single Variable)
  • MAT216 (Accelerated Honors Analysis I)

A few prospective majors start in MAT214 (Introduction to Number Theory) or in MAT203 (Vector Calculus) instead. 

Most students in the standard calculus sequence (MAT103, MAT104, MAT201) or linear algebra (MAT202) are prospective majors in the natural sciences, engineering, finance, economics and other social sciences.  However, some math majors start out in these courses and discover their talent and enthusiasm for mathematics there. 

We have collected detailed information here to help you figure out which courses or sequences are right for you.  Start with our

Then look through the catalog of individual courses and the placement section.  Detailed information about majoring in mathematics has its own section in the web site.