Past Events


Apr 30

Mikhail Lyubich, SUNY at Stony Brook

Lee-Yang zeros for the Diamond Hierarchical Lattice and 2D rational dynamics
Fine Hall 401 / -
Apr 23

Michael Hochman, Princeton University

Local entropy and projections of dynamically defined fractals
Fine Hall 401 / -
Apr 21

Ilya Goldsheid, Queen Mary, University of London

An explicit approach to the control of Lyapunov exponents
Fine Hall 401 / -
Apr 16

Giovanni Forni, University of Maryland

Existence/Non-existence of limiting distributions for horocycle flows on compact surfaces of constant negative curvature
Fine Hall 401 / -
Apr 09

Corinna Ulcigrai, University of Bristol

On mixing properties of locally Hamiltonian flows on surfaces
Fine Hall 401 / -
Apr 02

Thierry Bodineau, IAS

Large deviations of the current and phase transitions
Fine Hall 401 / -
Mar 26

Manfred Denker, Pennsylvania State University

Local limit theorems in ergodic theory
Fine Hall 401 / -
Mar 12

Thomas Spencer, IAS

Random walks with memory and statistical mechanics
Fine Hall 401 / -
Mar 05

Marco Martens, SUNY at Stony Brook

Hénon Renormalization
Fine Hall 401 / -
Mar 03

Jonathan Mattingly, Duke University

What makes the ergodic theory of Markov chains in infinite dimensions different (and difficult)?
Fine Hall 401 / -
Feb 26

Dmitry Ostrovsky, Lehigh University

Limit lognormal process, Selberg integral as Mellin transform, and intermittency differentiation.
Fine Hall 401 / -
Feb 19

Dong Li, IAS

The decay of Fourier modes of solutions of 2-D Navier-Stokes system
Fine Hall 401 / -
Feb 12

Yakov Sinai and Ilya Vinogradov, Princeton University

Limiting Distribution of Large Frobenius Numbers
Fine Hall 401 / -