Past Events


Oct 16

Maria Avdeeva, Princeton University

Moment estimates for square-free integers on short intervals
Fine Hall 601 / -
May 18

Marian Gidea , Institute for Advanced Study

Perturbations of geodesic flows producing unbounded growth of energy
Fine Hall 322 / -
May 10

Han Li, Yale University

Effective discreteness of the 3-dimensional Markov spectrum
Fine Hall 601 / -
May 03

L. H. Eliasson, Université Paris Diderot

Reducibility for the quasi-periodic linear Schrödinger and wave equations
Fine Hall 601 / -
Apr 26

Akhtam Dzhalilov, Samarkand State University

Invariant Measures, Conjugations and Renormalizations of Circle Maps with Break points
Fine Hall 601 / -
Apr 19

Jon Chaika, University of Chicago

Badly approximable directions on flat surfaces and bounded geodesics in Teichmueller space
Fine Hall 601 / -
Apr 12

Percy Wong, Princeton University

Local semicircle law in the bulk for Gaussian $β$-ensemble
Fine Hall 601 / -
Apr 05

Xiuyuan Cheng, Princeton University

The Spectrum of Random Kernel Matrices
Fine Hall 601 / -
Mar 29

Jon Fickenscher, Princeton University

Minimal Interval Exchange Transformations with Many Ergodic Measures
Mar 15

Jinxin Xue, Institute for Advanced Study

Noncollision Singularities in Planar Two-center-two-body Problem
Fine Hall 601 / -
Mar 08

Ilya Vinogradov, Princeton University

Effective bisector estimate for PSL(2,C) with applications to circle packings
Fine Hall 601 / -
Feb 29

Sergei Suslov, Arizona State University

On a Hidden Symmetry of Simple Harmonic Oscillators
Fine Hall 601 / -
Feb 23

Itzhak Fouxon, Tel Aviv University

Effect of Emergent Distinguishability of Particles in a non-Equilibrium Chaotic System
Fine Hall 601 / -