Past Events


May 16

Yuri Suhov, Penn State University

The hard-core model on $\mathbb{Z}^2$: high-density ground states and Gibbs measures
Fine Hall 401 / -
Apr 25

Jane Wang, MIT

The geometry and dynamics of twisted quadratic differentials (dilation surfaces)
Fine Hall 401 / -
Apr 18

Simion Filip, Harvard University and IAS

Dynamics on K3 surfaces: automorphisms and Monge-Ampere equations
Fine Hall 401 / -
Apr 04

Clark Butler, Princeton University

Measurable rigidity of the Livsic equation for linear cocycles over hyperbolic systems
Fine Hall 401 / -
Mar 28

Aleksandr Logunov, Princeton University

Translation-invariant probability measures on harmonic functions
Fine Hall 401 / -
Jan 17

Ronald Fisch

Beyond the Imry-Ma Length: Scaling Behavior in the 3D Random Field $XY$ Model
Fine Hall 801 / -
Dec 13

Wenyu Pan, Penn State University

Kleinian Schottky groups, Patterson-Sullivan measures, and Fourier decay
Fine Hall 801 / -
Dec 06

Asaf Katz, University of Chicago

Sparse equidistribution in unipotent flows
Fine Hall 801 / -
Nov 29

Pengyu Yang, Ohio State University

Equidistribution of translates of curves on homogeneous spaces
Fine Hall 801 / -
Nov 01

Yotam Smilansky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Multiscale substitution schemes and Kakutani sequences of partitions.
Fine Hall 801 / -
Oct 18

Michael Hochman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dimension theory of self-affine sets and measures
Fine Hall 801 / -