Past Events


May 02

Prof. Mirko Degli Esposti, Universita' di Bologna

Relative Entropy Indicators and applications to Authorship Attribution
Fine Hall 801 / -
Apr 28

Ilya Vinogradov, Princeton University

Polynomials in the Poisson scaling regime and gaps in $n^{1/3}\mod 1$
Fine Hall 801 / -
Apr 21

Alexander Bufetov, Steklov Institute of Mathematics and Rice University

On the Vershik-Kerov Conjecture Concerning the Shannon-McMillan-Breiman Theorem for the Plancherel Family of Measures on the Space of Young Diagrams
Fine Hall 801 / -
Apr 14

Percy Wong, Princeton University

Local semicircle law at the edge of spectrum for Gaussian $\beta$-ensembles
Fine Hall 801 / -
Mar 31

Dong Li, University of Iowa

Bifurcations of solutions of the 2-dimensional Navier-Stokes system
Fine Hall 801 / -
Mar 24

Corinna Ulcigrai, University of Bristol

Ergodic properties of infinite extensions of area-preserving flows
Fine Hall 801 / -
Mar 11

Nikolai Chernov, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Diffusion in a periodic Lorentz gas with narrow tunnels (P. Balint, N. Chernov, and D. Dolgopyat)
Fine Hall 801 / -
Mar 03

Ivan Corwin, Courant Institute, NYU

Probability Distribution of the Free Energy of the Continuum Directed Random Polymer in 1+1 dimensions
Fine Hall 801 / -
Feb 17

Han Li, Yale University

Effective Limit Distribution of the Frobenius Numbers
Fine Hall 801 / -
Feb 10

Mira Shamus, IAS

Discrete Schrödinger operators with periodic and almost periodic potentials
Fine Hall 801 / -
Dec 09

Jayadev Athreya, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

On the distribution of gaps for saddle connection directions
Fine Hall 401 / -
Dec 02

Zhiren Wang, Princeton University

Two results on rigidity of commutative actions by toral automorphisms
Fine Hall 401 / -
Nov 18

Percy Wong, Princeton University

A survey of results in universality of Wigner matrices, Part II
Fine Hall 401 / -
Nov 11

Percy Wong, Princeton University

A survey of results in universality of Wigner matrices, Part I
Fine Hall 401 / -
Oct 29

Domokos Szasz, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Diffusive or superdiffusive asymtotics for periodic and non-periodic Lorentz processes
Fine Hall 401 / -
Oct 21

Vadim Gorin, Moscow State University

From random tilings to representation theory
Fine Hall 401 / -
Oct 14

Amit Singer and Xiuyuan Cheng, Princeton University

The Spectrum of an Hermitian Matrix With Dependent Entries Constructed from Random Independent Images
Fine Hall 401 / -
Oct 07

John Mather, Princeton University

Shortest Curves Associated to a Degenerate Jacobi Metric on the two Torus
Fine Hall 401 / -
Sep 17

Tadashi Tokieda, University of Cambridge

Dynamics of 2D point vortics and its generalizations
Fine Hall 401 / -