Past Events


Jun 23

Ruobing Zhang, Princeton University

Collapsing geometry of hyperkaehler 4-manifolds: classification and structure theory
Jun 16

Samuel Pérez-Ayala, University of Notre Dame

Extremal Eigenvalues of the Conformal Laplacian
Jun 09

Yuguang Shi, Peking University

Positive mass theorems of ALF and ALG manifolds
Jun 02

Chao Li, Princeton University

Classifying sufficiently connected PSC manifolds in 4 and 5 dimensions
May 26

Gábor Szekelyhidi, University of Notre Dame

Uniqueness of certain cylindrical tangent cones
May 19

Shouhei Honda, Tohoku University

Heat kernel approach to geometric analysis on metric measure spaces with Ricci curvature bounded below
May 12

Iosif Polterovich, University of Montreal

Steklov eigenvalues, sloping beaches, and quantum graphs
May 05

Jiayin Pan, University of California, Santa Barbara

Nonnegative Ricci curvature, escape rate, and virtual abelianness
Apr 28

Eric Chen, University of California, Santa Barbara

Scale-invariant integral curvature smoothing via Ricci flow
Apr 21

Yash Jhaveri, Columbia University

What is the most efficient way to fill a hole with a given pile of sand?
Apr 14

Jeff Cheeger, NYU Courant Institute

Rectifiability of singular sets of noncollapsed limit spaces with Ricci curvature bounded below
Apr 07

Qin Deng, University of Toronto

Hölder continuity of tangent cones in RCD(K,N) spaces and applications to non-branching
Mar 31

Jie Qing, University of California, Santa Cruz

On Huber's type theorems in general dimensions
Mar 24

Robin Neumayer, Northwest University

$d_p$ Convergence and $\epsilon$-regularity theorems for entropy and scalar curvature lower bounds
Mar 17

Mario Bonk, University of California, Los Angeles

Thurston obstructions and the dynamics on curves
Mar 10

Bo'az Klartag, Weizmann Institute

Rigidity of Riemannian embeddings of discrete metric spaces
Mar 03

Tristan Ozuch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Higher order obstructions to the desingularization of Einstein metrics
Feb 24

Yevgeny Liokumovich, University of Toronto

Foliations of 3-manifolds of positive scalar curvature by surfaces of controlled size
Feb 17

Matthias Wink, University of California, Los Angeles

Vanishing and estimation results for Betti numbers
Feb 10

Alexandre Eremenko, Purdue University

Moduli spaces for Lame functions
Feb 03

Stefano Decio, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Nodal sets of Steklov eigenfunctions near the boundary
Nov 18

Christopher Bishop, Stony Brook University

Weil-Petersson curves, traveling salesman theorems and minimal surfaces
Nov 11

Eero Saksman, University of Helsinki

On homogenization of singular integrals and quasiconfomal mappings
Nov 04

John Lott, University of California, Berkeley

Comparison geometry of holomorphic bisectional curvature, and limit spaces
Oct 28

Antoine Song, University of California, Berkeley

Generalized hyperbolic volumes and minimizing metrics
Oct 21

Lorenzo Foscolo, University College London

G2 manifolds from nodal Calabi-Yau 3-folds
Oct 14

Fanghua Lin, New York University Courant Institute

Minimizing Maps and Topological Singularities
Oct 07

Hao Fang, University of Iowa

Some results on $\sigma_2$ curvature
Sep 30

Jeffrey Galkowski, University of London

The interior behavior of Steklov eigenfunctions
Sep 23

Benoit Charbonneau, University of Waterloo

Gauge theory in nearly special geometry