Differential Geometry & Geometric Analysis Seminar

Apr 23

Claude LeBrun,Stony Brook University

Anti-Self-Dual 4-Manifolds, Quasi-Fuchsian Groups, and Almost-Kaehler Geometry
Fine Hall 1001 / -

 If a smooth manifold M admits a symplectic form, it also admits Riemannian metrics g that are related to the symplectic form by means of an adapted almost… See Full Abstract

May 02

Antonio De Rosa, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

Anisotropic counterpart of Allard’s rectifiability theorem and applications.
Fine Hall 314 / -

We present our recent extension of Allard's celebrated rectifiability theorem  to the setting of  varifolds  with locally bounded first variation… See Full Abstract

May 11

Ljudmila Kamenova, Stony Brook University

On Kobayashi's conjectures and Kobayashi quotients
Fine Hall 214 / -

The Kobayashi pseudometric $d_M$ on a complex manifold $M$ is the maximal pseudometric such that any holomorphic map from the Poincare disk to $M$ is… See Full Abstract