Past Events


Oct 13

Otis Chodosh, Stanford University

Stable minimal hypersurfaces in R^4
Oct 06

Xuemiao Chen, University of Maryland, College Park

Singularities of Hermitian-Yang-Mills connections and singular Donaldson-Uhlenbeck-Yau theorem
Sep 29

Guofang Wei, University of California, Santa Barbara

Fundamental Gap Estimate for Hyperbolic Space
Sep 22

Chi Li, Rutgers University

On the algebraic uniqueness of Kaehler-Ricci flow limits on Fano manifolds
Fine Hall 314 / -
Sep 15

Ravi Shankar, Princeton University

Regularity and rigidity for special Lagrangian and sigma-2 equations
Fine Hall 314 / -
Sep 08

Robert Haslhofer, University of Toronto

Classification of noncollapsed translators in R^4