Past Events


May 05

Colin Guillarmou, Université Paris-Saclay

Liouville Conformal field theory and conformal bootstrap
Fine Hall 401 / -
May 04

Yuxin Ge, Université Paul Sabatier

Compactness of asymptotically hyperbolic Einstein 4-manifolds
Apr 28

Dan Faraco, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and IAS

Conformal Parallel Vector Fields and Inverse Problems
Fine Hall 401 / -
Apr 27

Davi Maximo, University of Pennsylvania

The Waist Inequality and Positive Scalar Curvature
Apr 20

Liam Mazurowski, Cornell University

Prescribed Mean Curvature Min-Max Theory in Some Non-Compact Manifolds
Fine Hall 314 / -
Apr 13

Mikhail Karpukhin, California Institute of Technology

Optimization of Laplace and Steklov eigenvalues with applications to minimal surfaces
Fine Hall 314 / -
Apr 06

Xin Zhou, Cornell University

Min-max minimal hypersurfaces with higher multiplicity
Fine Hall 314 / -
Mar 30

Jikang Wang, Rutgers University

Ricci limit spaces are semi-locally simply connected
Fine Hall 314 / -
Mar 23

Elia Bruè, IAS

Boundary regularity and stability for spaces with Ricci curvature bounded below
Fine Hall 314 / -
Mar 16

Ilmari Kangasniemi, Syracuse University

On quasiregular values
Fine Hall 314 / -
Mar 02

Christian Ketterer, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

Rigidity of the spectral gap for non-negatively curved RCD spaces
Feb 23

Jonathan Zhu, Princeton University

Min-max theory for capillary surfaces
Fine Hall 314 / -
Feb 17

Weimin Sheng, Zhejiang University

Positive mass theorem with low-regularity Riemannian metrics
Feb 10

Fang Wang, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Some comparison theorems for fractional GJMS operators (Please note the time change for this talk)
Feb 02

Andre Guerra, IAS

Sharp integrability of quasiconformal maps
Jan 26

Shaosai Huang, University of California, Berkeley

Topological rigidity of the first Betti number
Dec 08

Zheng-Chao Han, Rutgers University

Asymptotic behavior of solutions to the Yamabe equation with an asymptotically flat metric
Dec 01

Vyron Vellis, University of Tennessee

Bi-Lipschitz geometry of quasiconformal trees
Fine Hall 314 / -
Dec 01

Olivier Biquard, Sorbonne Université

Degenerations of conical Kähler-Einstein metrics
Nov 17

Keaton Naff, MIT

A local noncollapsing estimate for mean curvature flow
Nov 11

Yannick Sire, Johns Hopkins University

harmonic maps with free boundaries and applications
Fine Hall 401 / -
Nov 10

Xiaodan Zhou, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

Quasiconformal and Sobolev mappings on metric measure spaces
Nov 03

Sylvester Eriksson-Bique, University of Oulu

A new Theorem on Hausdorff content of Limsupsets
Oct 13

Otis Chodosh, Stanford University

Stable minimal hypersurfaces in R^4
Oct 06

Xuemiao Chen, University of Maryland, College Park

Singularities of Hermitian-Yang-Mills connections and singular Donaldson-Uhlenbeck-Yau theorem
Sep 29

Guofang Wei, University of California, Santa Barbara

Fundamental Gap Estimate for Hyperbolic Space
Sep 22

Chi Li, Rutgers University

On the algebraic uniqueness of Kaehler-Ricci flow limits on Fano manifolds
Fine Hall 314 / -
Sep 15

Ravi Shankar, Princeton University

Regularity and rigidity for special Lagrangian and sigma-2 equations
Fine Hall 314 / -