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Please note that until otherwise noted all department seminars will be held online. To access a link to a given seminar please click on the specific seminar below.
Apr 10

Lexing Ying, Stanford University

Fine Hall 214 / -
Apr 11

Dan Borgnia, UC Berkeley

Projected Green’s Function Methods Applied to Quasi-Periodic Systems and the Dry Ten Martini Problem
Jadwin Hall A06 / -
Apr 11

Martin Olsson, University of California, Berkeley

Weighted stable maps to stacks
Fine Hall 322 / -
Apr 13

Eyal Lubetzky, Courant

Fine Hall 224 / -
Apr 17

Nataša Pavlovic, UT Austin

Two tales of a rigorous Derivation of the Hamiltonian Structure
Fine Hall 314 / -
Apr 17

Joseph Helfer, University of Southern California

IAS - Simonyi Hall Seminar Room SH-101 / -
Apr 17

Leon Bottou, Facebook AI

Pseudo-Euclidean Attract-Repel Embeddings for Undirected Graphs, Léon Bottou
Fine Hall 214 / -
Apr 18

Amichai Painsky, Tel Aviv University

Inferring the Unseen
Fine Hall 214 / -
Apr 20

Tobias Barthel, Max Planck Institute of Mathematics

Quillen stratification in equivariant homotopy theory and higher representation theory