Past Events


Feb 22

A. Raghuram, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune

CANCELLED: Arithmetic of automorphic L-functions.
Fine Hall 214 / -
Feb 20

Vesselin Dimitrov, IAS

Diophantine approximation with arithmetically small points
IAS Room S-101 / -
Feb 15

David Ben-Zvi, University of Texas, Austin

Categorical representations of reductive groups
Fine Hall 214 / -
Feb 13

Igor Rapinchuk, Michigan State University

Abstract homomorphisms of algebraic groups and applications
IAS Room S-101 / -
Feb 08

Akshay Venkatesh, Stanford University

The Galois action on the stable homology of symplectic groups over Z.
Fine Hall 214 / -
Dec 14

Junecue Suh, UC Santa Cruz

Ordinary primes in Hilbert modular varieties
Fine Hall 214 / -
Dec 07

A.Baragar, University of Nevada Las Vegas

From counting Markoff triples to Apollonian packings; a path via elliptic K3 surfaces and their ample cones
Fine Hall 214 / -
Dec 05

Jun Su, Princeton University

Automorphy for coherent cohomology of Shimura varieties
IAS Room S-101 / -
Dec 04

Victoria Cantoral Farfan, ICTP Trieste

Torsion for abelian varieties of type III and new cases of the Mumford-Tate conjecture
Fine Hall 314 / -
Nov 30

Laurent Fargues, CNRS/IMJ Paris

Locally symmetric spaces: p-adic aspects
IAS Room S-101 / -
Nov 28

Hector Pasten, Harvard University

Shimura curves and new abc bounds
IAS Room S-101 / -
Nov 21

Ilya Khayutin, Princeton University

Joint Equidistribution of CM Points
IAS Room S-101 / -
Nov 02

Andrei Rapinchuk , University of Virginia

On the notion of genus for division algebras and algebraic groups.
IAS Room S-101 / -
Oct 31

Junho Peter Whang, Princeton University

Nonlinear descent on moduli of local systems
IAS Room S-101 / -
Oct 26

Ye Tian, Chinese Academy of Sciences

A converse theorem of Gross-Zagier and Kolyvagin: CM case.
IAS Room S-101 / -
Oct 24

Francesc Castella , Princeton University

Elliptic curves of rank two and generalised Kato classes
IAS Room S-101 / -
Oct 19

Michael Rapoport , University of Maryland/University of Bonn

The arithmetic intersection conjecture
Fine Hall 214 / -
Oct 12

Joachim Schwermer , University of Vienna

On residues of Eisenstein series - through a cohomological lens
Fine Hall 214 / -
Oct 05

David Masser , University of Basel

Unlikely intersections for algebraic curves in positive characteristic
Fine Hall 214 / -
Sep 28

James Maynard , University of Oxford, England

Kloosterman sums and Siegel zeros
Fine Hall 214 / -
Sep 21

Wieslawa Niziol , ENS Lyon

Cohomology of p-adic Stein spaces
Fine Hall 214 / -
Sep 14

Alex Smith , Harvard University

2^∞-Selmer groups, 2^∞-class groups, and Goldfeld's conjecture
IAS Room S-101 / -