Past Events


May 10

Jack Thorne, Harvard University

Some canonical constructions in arithmetic invariant theory
Fine Hall 214 / -
May 03

Steven D. Miller, Rutgers University

Eisenstein series on exceptional groups, graviton scattering amplitudes, and the unitary dual
IAS - Simonyi Hall Seminar Room SH-101 / -
Apr 26

Dmitriy Boyarchenko, University of Michigan

Deligne-Lusztig theory for unipotent groups and the local Langlands correspondence
Fine Hall 214 / -
Apr 19

Francis Brown, CNRS/Jussieu

Multiple Zeta Values
IAS - Simonyi Hall Seminar Room SH-101 / -
Apr 12

Xinwen Zhu, Harvard University

Local Models of Shimura Varieties
Fine Hall 214 / -
Apr 12

Xinwen Zhu, Harvard University

Local models of Shimura varieties
Fine Hall 214 / -
Apr 05

Julia Gordon, University of British Columbia

Constructible Functions, Integrability, and Harmonic Analysis on p-adic Groups
Fine Hall 214 / -
Mar 15

Fernando Villegas, University of Texas at Austin

Hypergeometric Motives
IAS - West Building Lecture Hall / -
Mar 08

Mark Kisin, Harvard University

Mod $p$ Points on Shimura Varieties
Fine Hall 214 / -
Mar 01

Dennis Gaitsgory, Harvard University

The Tamagawa Number Formula Via Chiral Homology (joint with J. Lurie)
IAS Room S-101 / -
Feb 23

David Geraghty, Princeton University

Modularity Lifting in Non-Regular Weight
Fine Hall 214 / -
Feb 16

Gopal Prasad, University of Michigan

Arithmetic Fake Compact Hermitian Symmetric Spaces
IAS Room S-101 / -
Feb 09

Nicolas Templier, Princeton University

Sup-norms, Whittaker Periods and Hypergeometric Sums
Fine Hall 214 /
Jan 12

Daniel Fiorilli, IAS

On how the first term of an arithmetic progression can influence the distribution of an arithmetic sequence
IAS Room S-101 / -
Jan 05

R.Von Kanel, IAS

Heights, discriminants and conductors
IAS Room S-101 / -
Dec 15

Diana Shelstad, Rutgers University

Spectral factors in endoscopic transfer
IAS Room S-101 / -
Dec 08

Florian Herzig, University of Toronto

Weights in a Serre-type conjecture for U(3)
Fine Hall 214 / -
Dec 01

Takashi Taniguchi, Princeton University and Kobe University

A second main term for counting cubic fields, and biases in arithmetic progressions
IAS Room S-101 / -
Nov 17

Yifeng Liu, Columbia University

Arithmetic inner product formula
IAS Room S-101 / -
Nov 10

Adrian Vasiu, Binghamton University and IAS

Subtle invariants and Traverso's conjectures for p-divisible groups
Fine Hall 214 / -
Oct 27

Xinyi Yuan, Princeton University

A new formulation of the Gross-Zagier formula
IAS Room S-101 / -
Oct 20

Alexander Goncharov, Yale University

Hodge correlators, Hodge symmetries, and Rankin-Selberg integrals
Fine Hall 214 / -
Oct 13

Kaisa Matomäki, University of Turku, Finland

On real zeros of holomorphic Hecke cusp forms and sieving short intervals
IAS Room S-101 / -
Oct 06

Noam Elkies, Harvard University

Curves with many symmetries
Fine Hall 214 / -