Past Events


May 02

Carl Wang Erickson , Harvard University

Moduli of Representations and Pseudorepresentations
IAS Room S-101 / -
Apr 25

William Duke , UCLA

Harmonic Maass forms of weight one
Fine Hall 214 / -
Apr 18

Manjul Bhargava, Princeton University

Most hyperelliptic curves over Q have no rational points
IAS Room S-101 / -
Apr 11

Jack Thorne , Harvard University

Symmetric Power Functoriality for GL(2)
Fine Hall 214 / -
Apr 04

Christopher Skinner , Princeton University and IAS

A converse to a theorem of Gross-Zagier-Kolyvagin
IAS Room S-101 / -
Mar 28

Philipp Habegger , IAS

Non-archimedean Approximations by Special Points
Fine Hall 214 / -
Mar 14

Erez Lapid, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Weizmann Institute of Science

An analogue of the Ichino-Ikeda conjecture for Whittaker coefficients of the metaplectic group
IAS Room S-101 / -
Mar 07

Liang Xiao, University of Chicago

Goren-Oort stratification of Hilbert modular varieties mod p and Tate conjecture
Fine Hall 214 / -
Feb 28

Yiannis Sakellaridis, Rutgers University, Newark

Standard and nonstandard comparisons of relative trace formulas
IAS Room S-101 / -
Feb 21

Kai-Wen Lan , University of Minnesota

Compactifications of PEL-type Shimura varieties and Kuga families with ordinary loci
IAS Room S-101 / -
Feb 14

Atsushi Ichino, Kyoto University

Regularized periods of automorphic forms
Fine Hall 214 / -
Feb 07

Joseph Ayoub, University of Zurich

Relative Artin motives and the reductive Borel-Serre compactification of a locally symmetric variety
Fine Hall 214 / -
Feb 07

Joseph Ayoub, University of Zurich

An introduction to motives
Fine Hall 322 / -
Jan 31

Paul Garrett, University of Minnesota

Automorphic Levi-Sobolev Spaces, Boundary-Value Problems, and Self-Adjoint Operators
IAS Room S-101 / -
Jan 24

David Zywina , Queen's University/IAS

Abelian varieties with maximal Galois action on their torsion points
IAS Room S-101 / -
Jan 17

Pierre Le Boudec , Universite Denis Diderot (Paris VII)/IAS

Counting Rational Points on Cubic Surfaces
IAS Room S-101 / -
Dec 13

Julia Hartmann, RWTH Aachen/IAS

Local Global Principles for Galois Cohomology
IAS Room S-101 / -
Dec 06

T.N.Venkataramana , Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Monodromy and arithmetic groups
Fine Hall 214 / -
Nov 29

Andrew Sutherland, MIT

Sato-Tate distributions in genus 2
IAS Room S-101 / -
Nov 15

Richard Taylor , IAS

Galois representations for regular algebraic cuspidal automorphic forms
IAS Room S-101 / -
Nov 08

Keerthi Madapusi, Harvard University

The Tate conjecture for K3 surfaces over fields of odd characteristic
Fine Hall 214 / -
Oct 25

Michael Harris, Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu

Central values of Rankin-Selberg L-functions and period relations
Fine Hall 214 / -
Oct 18

Joël Bellaiche, Brandeis University

On the parity of coefficients of modular forms.
IAS - Simonyi Hall Seminar Room SH-101 / -
Oct 11

Jean-Pierre Serre, CNRS and Collège de France

Modular forms modulo 2
Fine Hall 214 / -
Oct 04

Vinayak Vatsal, University of British Columbia

A Converse Theorem for SL_2
Fine Hall 214 / -
Sep 20

Claus Sorensen, Princeton University

Towards weak p-adic Langlands for GL(n)
IAS Room S-101 / -