Past Events


Apr 23

Amanda Young, University of Arizona, Tucson

A gapped family of two-dimensional AKLT models
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Apr 09

Ramis Movassagh (IBM Research)

Highly entangled spin chains: Exactly solvable counter-examples to the area law
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Feb 12

Frank Hansen, Tohoku University

The classification of geodesically convex trace functions with applications to the theory of multivariate operator means and quantum physics
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Dec 04

Jacob Shapiro, Columbia University

The topology of strongly-disordered chiral chains
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Nov 13

Ian Jauslin, Princeton University

Field electron emission and the Fowler-Nordheim equation
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Sep 18

Michael Kiessling, Rutgers University

Do particles and anti-particles really annihilate each other?
Jadwin Hall 343 / -