Mathematical Physics Seminar

The Mathematical Physics Seminar meets Tuesdays at 2:00PM.  Organizers:, Michael Aizenman, Elliot Lieb, Jacob Shapiro, and Susan Sabatura

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Oct 26

Terry Loring, University of New Mexico

Emergent Topology From Finite Volume Topological Insulators
Jadwin Hall A06 / -

In-Person Talk 

Finite volume (or area) models for topological insulators are closer to experiment than innite volume models. However they are… See Full Abstract

Nov 09

Simon Becker, Courant Institute

Mathematical properties of twisted bilayer graphene
Jadwin Hall A06 / -

In-Person Talk 

Twistronics is the study of how the angle (the twist) between layers of two-dimensional materials can change their… See Full Abstract