Mathematical Physics Seminar

The Mathematical Physics Seminar meets Tuesdays at 4:30pm in Jadwin Hall A06. Organizers: Elliot LiebMichael Aizenman, and Antonia Sarchi.

Oct 22

Michael Aizenman, Princeton University

Geometric analysis of frustration in a class of SU(2S+1) invariant quantum spin chains
Jadwin Hall A06 / -

Unlike their classical counterparts, quantum antiferromagnetic systems exhibit ground state frustration effects even in one dimension.  A case in point is… See Full Abstract

Oct 29

Martin Fraas, Virginia Tech

A many-body Fredholm index for ground state spaces and Abelian anyons
Jadwin Hall A06 / -

We propose a many-body index that extends Fredholm index theory to many-body systems. The index is defined for any charge-conserving system with a… See Full Abstract