Past Events


Apr 28

Mihai Stoiciu, Williams College

Eigenvalue Statistics for Random CMV Matrices
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Apr 14

Paul Federbush, University of Michigan

An Asymptotic Expansion for the Dimer $\Lambda_d$
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Apr 07

Christian Hainzl, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Coupling Einstein's equations to Dirac spinors can prevent the big bang/crunch singularity in the Friedmann model
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Mar 31

Detlev Buchholz, University of Göttingen

Warped Convolutions: A novel tool in the construction of quantum field theories
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Feb 24

Simone Warzel, Technische Universität München

Localization bounds for multiparticle systems
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Feb 18

Alexander Sodin, Tel Aviv University

Universality at the spectrum edge for random matrices with independent entries: Soshnikov's theorems and some extensions
Jadwin Hall A08 / -