Past Events


Apr 21

Rose McCarty, University of Waterloo

A min-max theorem for circuit decompositions of group-labelled graphs
Fine Hall 224 / -
Apr 14

Stefan Glock, ETH Zürich

Hypergraph matchings with(out) conflicts
Fine Hall 224 / -
Apr 07

Matthew Kwan, Institute of Science and Technology, Austria

High-girth Steiner triple systems
Fine Hall 224 / -
Mar 31

Adam Sheffer, CUNY

A structural Szemerédi–Trotter theorem for cartesian products
Fine Hall 224 / -
Mar 29

Alex Scott, University of Oxford

Induced subgraphs of induced subgraphs of large chromatic number
Fine Hall 224 / -
Mar 24

James Davies, University of Waterloo

Separating polynomial chi-boundedness from chi-boundedness
Mar 03

Ohad Klein, Bar Ilan University

On the distribution of randomly signed sums and Tomaszewski’s conjecture
Feb 24

Yuval Roichman, Bar Ilan University

Equi-distribution, cyclic descents, and matchings
Fine Hall 224 / -
Feb 17

Alex Scott, University of Oxford

Polynomial bounds on chromatic number
Feb 10

Quentin Dubroff, Rutgers University

Linear cover time is exponentially unlikely
Fine Hall 224 / -
Jan 27

Martin Milanic, U Primorska, Koper, Slovenia

Tree decompositions with bounded independence number and their algorithmic applications
Dec 02

Samuel Mohr, Masaryk University

Uniform Turan density
Fine Hall 224 / -
Nov 18

Oliver Janzer, ETH Zurich

Disproof of a conjecture of Erdős and Simonovits on the Turán number of graphs with minimum degree 3
Nov 11

Jonathan Tidor, MIT

Induced arithmetic removal and arithmetic property testing
Fine Hall 224 / -
Oct 28

Matija Bucic, Princeton University

Tight Ramsey bounds for multiple copies of a graph
Fine Hall 224 / -
Oct 14

Shira Zerbib, Iowa State University

Line transversals in families of connected sets in the plane
Fine Hall 224 / -
Oct 07

Rajko Nenadov, Google Zurich

A new proof of the KLR conjecture
Sep 30

Lior Gishboliner, ETH Zurich

Cycles of many lengths in Hamiltonian graphs
Sep 23

Swee Hong Chan, UCLA

Log-concave inequalities for posets
Fine Hall 224 / -
Sep 16

Xiaoyu He, Princeton University

Long common subsequences between bitstrings
Fine Hall 224 / -