Discrete Mathematics Seminar

The Discrete Mathematics Seminar meets Thursdays at 3:00 PM in Fine Hall 224. Organizers: Paul Seymour, Maria Chudnovsky, Noga Alon, and Zeev Dvir .


Feb 09

Domagoj Bradač, ETH Zürich

The Turan number of the grid
Fine Hall 224 / -

For a positive integer t, let F_t denote the graph of the t by t grid. Motivated by a 50-year-old conjecture of Erdos about Turan numbers of r-degenerate… See Full Abstract

Feb 16

Or Zamir, Princeton University

Random k-out subgraphs
Fine Hall 224 / -

In-Person Talk 


Each vertex of an arbitrary simple graph on n vertices chooses k random incident edges. What is the… See Full Abstract

Feb 23

Delaram Kahrobaei, New York University

Fine Hall 224 / -
Mar 02

Tuukka Korhonen, University of Bergen

Fine Hall 224 / -
Mar 09