Discrete Mathematics Seminar

The Discrete Mathematics Seminar meets Thursdays at 3:00PM. Organizers: Paul Seymour, Maria Chudnovsky, Noga Alon, and Zeev Dvir .


Sep 24

Isolde Adler, University of Leeds

On the tree-width of even-hole-free graphs

In recent years, even-hole-free graphs were the object of much attention, however, many questions remain unanswered, such as the existence of a polynomial time… See Full Abstract

Oct 01

Colin Defant and Noah Kravitz, Princeton University

Friends and strangers walking on graphs

Let X and Y be simple graphs on n vertices. Identify the vertices of Y with n people, any two of whom are either friends or strangers (according to the edges and non-… See Full Abstract

Oct 08

Asaf Nachmias, Tel Aviv University

Uniform spanning trees of dense graphs

We will present two theorems concerning the global and local structure of a uniform spanning tree (UST) of a connected simple graph with degrees linear in the number… See Full Abstract