Past Events


Apr 22

Rose McCarty, University of Waterloo

Vertex-minors and immersions
Apr 15

Eli Berger, University of Haifa

Cake cutting, balanced hypergraphs and topology
Apr 08

Shoham Letzter, University College London

Size-Ramsey numbers of powers of tight paths
Mar 25

Pawel Rzazewski, University of Warsaw

Faster 3-coloring of graphs with small diameter
Mar 18

Stéphan Thomassé, ENS de Lyon

The factorial gap
Mar 11

David Conlon, California Institute of Technology

Subset sums, completeness and colorings
Mar 04

Yuval Wigderson, Stanford University

Ramsey numbers of sparse digraphs
Feb 25

Zdenek Dvorak, Charles University, Prague

What we (do not) know about sublinear separators
Feb 18

Michael Krivelevich, Tel Aviv University

Divisible subdivisions
Feb 11

Sophie Spirkl, University of Waterloo

The Erdos-Hajnal conjecture for graphs with no five-cycle
Nov 12

János Pach, NYU Courant Institute

On the Erdos-Hajnal conjecture for ordered graphs
Nov 05

Alex Scott, University of Oxford

Combinatorics in the exterior algebra and the two families theorem
Oct 29

Sergey Norin, McGill University

Hereditary graph families with exotic typical structure
Oct 22

Benny Sudakov, ETH Zurich

The intersection spectrum of 3-chromatic intersecting hypergraph
Oct 15

Alexey Pokrovskiy, Birkbeck College

Rota's basis conjecture holds asymptotically
Oct 08

Asaf Nachmias, Tel Aviv University

Uniform spanning trees of dense graphs
Oct 01

Colin Defant and Noah Kravitz, Princeton University

Friends and strangers walking on graphs
Sep 24

Isolde Adler, University of Leeds

On the tree-width of even-hole-free graphs
Sep 17

Daniel Lokshtanov, University of California, Santa Barbara

Independent set on Pk-free graphs in quasi-polynomial time
Sep 03

Yufei Zhao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The joints problem for varieties