Past Events


Dec 07

Gautam Iyer, Carnegie Mellon University

Winding of Brownian trajectories and heat kernels on covering spaces
Fine Hall 322 / -
Nov 30

Serguei Denissov, University of Wisconsin

Singularity formation in the contour dynamics for 2d Euler equation on the plane.
Fine Hall 322 / -
Nov 16

Mimi Dai, University of Illinois at Chicago

Well-posedness problems for the magneto-hydrodynamics models
Fine Hall 322 / -
Oct 26

Jens Eggers , University of Bristol

Self-similar structure of caustics and shock formation
Fine Hall 322 / -
Oct 19

Alexei Mailybaev , Instituto de Matem√°tica Pura e Aplicada (IMPA), Rio de Janeiro

Solutions after blowup in ODEs and PDEs: spontaneous stochasticity
Fine Hall 322 / -
Oct 12

Ian Tobasco, University of Michigan

The optimal design of wall-bounded heat transport
Fine Hall 322 / -
Oct 05

Sam Punshon-Smith , University of Maryland

Well-posedness for Stochastic Continuity Equations with Rough Coefficients.
Fine Hall 322 / -
Sep 28

Minh Binh Tran, University of Wisconsin

Some recent results on wave turbulence and quantum kinetics theories.
Fine Hall 322 / -
Sep 21

Stephen Cameron, University of Chicago

Global well-posedness for the 2D Muskat problem
Fine Hall 322 / -