Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics

The Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics Seminar meets Thursdays at 4:30pm in Fine 322. Organizers: Peter Constantin, Theodore Drivas, Javier Gómez SerranoSameer Iyer, and Dan Ginsberg

Oct 24

William Feldman, University of Chicago

Shapes of equilibrium capillary drops on a rough surface
Fine Hall 322 / -

I will discuss some simplified models for the shape of liquid droplets on rough solid surfaces. These are elliptic free boundary problems with… See Full Abstract

Nov 07

Alberto Bressan, Penn State University

Singularities and non-uniqueness for the 2-dimensional Euler equations
Fine Hall 322 / -

In connection with the 2-dimensional incompressible Euler equations, we study initial data… See Full Abstract

Nov 14