Past Events


May 20

John Rognes, University of Oslo

The Adams spectral sequence for the image-of-J spectrum
May 13

Nora Ganter, University of Melbourne

Elliptic Representation Theory
May 06

Andrew J. Blumberg, Columbia University

Floer homotopy theory and Morava K-theory
Apr 29

Jeremy Hahn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Manifolds in the metastable range
Apr 22

Thomas Goodwillie, Brown University

Equivariant Igusa-Klein torsion
Apr 08

Ian Hambleton, McMaster University

Minimal Euler Characteristics for Even-Dimensional Manifolds with Finite Fundamental Group
Apr 01

Michael Ching, Amherst College

Day Convolution, Goodwillie Derivatives and the Lie Operad
Mar 25

Martin Frankland, University of Regina

The monoidal fibered category of Beck modules
Mar 04

Burt Totaro, University of California, Los Angeles

The Hilbert scheme of points on affine space
Feb 25

Krzysztof Pawałowski, Adam Mickiewicz University

Smooth versus symplectic group actions on manifolds
Feb 18

Tadayuki Watanabe, Shimane University

Trivalent graphs and diffeomorphisms of disks
Feb 11

Paul Goerss, Northwestern University

Dualizing spheres for compact p-adic analytic groups and duality in chromatic homotopy
Feb 04

J. D. Quigley, Cornell University

Trace methods for real algebraic K-theory
Dec 03

Martin Bridson, University of Oxford

Rigidity, the complex of free factors, and the commensurator of Aut(F)
Nov 19

Emily Riehl, Johns Hopkins University

Elements of ∞-Category Theory
Nov 12

Jeremy Lane, McMaster University

Canonical bases, toric degenerations, and collective integrable systems
Nov 05

Oscar Randal-Williams, University of Cambridge

Diffeomorphisms of discs
Oct 22

Ulrike Tillmann, University of Oxford

Moduli spaces of monopoles and branch points, and other configuration mapping spaces
Oct 15

Stephen Theriault, University of Southampton

Homotopy fibrations with a section after looping 
Oct 08

Andrew Baker, University of Glasgow

Mahowaldean elements, symplectic bordism and framed hypersurfaces
Oct 01

Soren Galatius, University of Copenhagen

The action of Aut(C) on symplectic K-theory of the integers
Sep 24

Michael Weiss, University of Münster

Rational Pontryagin classes of Euclidean bundles
Sep 17

Taras Panov, Lomonosov Moscow State University

A geometric view on SU-bordism
Sep 10

Michael Farber, Queen Mary University of London

Topology and robot motion planning