Past Events


Apr 21

Alexander Berglund, Stockholm University

Algebraic models for classifying spaces of fibrations
Apr 14

John Jones, University of Warwick

On the topology of the Rosenfeld Projective Planes
Apr 07

Nicholas J. Kuhn, University of Virginia

Chromatic Fixed Point Theory
Mar 24

Hana Jia Kong, Institute for Advanced Study

Motivic image-of-J spectrum via the effective slice spectral sequence
Mar 10

Natàlia Castellana, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Unitary embeddings and local Gorenstein duality for classifying spaces
Mar 03

Vidit Nanda, University of Oxford

Morse theory for complexes of groups
Feb 24

Eric Samperton, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Equivariant bordism of surfaces and counterexamples to the evenness conjecture
Feb 17

Ruth Charney, Brandeis University

Outer Space for Right-Angled Artin Groups
Feb 10

Bernhard Hanke, Universität Augsburg

Boundary conditions for scalar curvature
Feb 03

Charles Rezk, University of Illinois, Urbana

Understanding accessible infinity-categories
Jan 27

Remembering Frederick R. Cohen

Remembering Frederick R. Cohen
Dec 16

Mark Behrens, University of Notre Dame

The algebraic tmf resolution
Dec 09

Doug Ravenel, University of Rochester

String cobordism at the prime 3
Dec 02

Alexander Kupers, University of Toronto

On the Torelli Lie algebra
Nov 18

Amnon Neeman, Australian National University

Finite approximations as a tool for studying triangulated categories
Nov 11

Diarmuid Crowley, University of Melbourne

The derivative map for diffeomorphisms of discs: an example
Nov 04

Mohammed Abouzaid, Columbia University

Homotopical methods in Floer theory
Oct 28

Agnès Beaudry, University of Colorado, Boulder

Quotients of Real bordism and of $H\mathbb{F}_2\wedge H\mathbb{F}_2$