Quotients of Real bordism and of $H\mathbb{F}_2\wedge H\mathbb{F}_2$

Agnès Beaudry, University of Colorado, Boulder

Online Talk 

Zoom link: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/96282936122

Passcode: 998749

In this talk, I will present results on various quotients of the spectrum $H\mathbb{F}_2\wedge H\mathbb{F}_2$ by families of Milnor generators $\xi_i$ and their conjugates. I will also explain consequences of these results for computations in equivariant chromatic homotopy theory, specifically, for quotients of multiplicative norms of the Real bordism spectrum.

This work is joint with Hill, Lawson, Shi and Zeng. See arXiv:2103.14707.