Past Events


Dec 04

Charles Fefferman, Princeton University

Interpolation and Extension of Functions
Nov 20

Gabriele Di Cerbo, Princeton University

Boundedness of algebraic varieties
Nov 13

John Pardon, Princeton University 

Pontryagin-Thom for orbifolds
Oct 30

Noga Alon, Princeton University

Unitary Signings and Induced subgraphs of Abelian Cayley graphs
Oct 16

Aleksandr Logunov, Princeton University

Paradoxes around the Liouville theorem
Oct 13

New Faculty Talks III

Hannah Schwartz, Shai Evra, Allen David Boozer
Oct 09

New Faculty Talks II

Tristan Leger, Alan Chang, Sarah Peluse
Oct 07

New Faculty Talks I

Ruobing Zhang, Fan Wei
Oct 02

Sarah Peluse, Princeton University

Higher order Fourier analysis and solving equations in dense sets