Past Events


Apr 22

Victor Wang, Princeton University

L, 1/L, and L'/L
Apr 15

Anna Skorobogatova, Princeton University  

Compensated compactness in the calculus of variations
Apr 01

Katy Woo, Princeton University 

A PseudoRandom InterLude on FactOrization frOm LatticeS
Mar 24

Doug Stryker, Princeton University 

Liouville-type theorems and an application to the mean curvature flow
Mar 18

Noah Kravitz, Princeton University

What is the "smoothest" average? 
Mar 11

Sameera Vemulapalli, Princeton University 

Plane quartics over R
Mar 04

Zhihan Wang, Princeton University

Bernstein's problem for minimal surfaces, revisited
Feb 25

Marco Sangiovanni, Princeton University

Asymptotic distribution of Hecke eigensystems
Feb 18

John Anderson, Princeton University

Restriction theorems and wave packets
Feb 11

Sasha Shmakov, University of Georgia 

Canonical paths and single valued iterated integrals
Feb 04

Vikram Giri, Princeton University

Fluids via soft analysis