Past Events


May 14

Wenxiong Chen, Yeshiva University

Symmetry and regularity of solutions for nonlinear systems of Wolff type
Fine Hall 110 / -
May 10

Claudio Munoz, University of Versailles

On the soliton dynamics under a slowly varying medium for generalized KdV equations
Fine Hall 110 / -
Apr 12

Yajun Zhou, Princeton University

Interaction of Light with Arbitrarily Shaped Dielectric Media: Compactness and Robustness in Electromagnetic Scattering
Fine Hall 110 / -
Apr 05

Jalal Shatah, Courant Institute for Mathematics, NYC

The space time resonance method and global existence of small surface waves.
Fine Hall 110 / -
Mar 29

Robert Strain, University of Pennsylvania

Global Classical Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation with Long-Range Interactions
Fine Hall 110 / -
Mar 22

Michael Weinstein, Columbia University

Radiative decay of bubble oscillations
Fine Hall 110 / -
Mar 08

Leon Ehrenpreis, Temple University

Complex variables are not dead
Fine Hall 110 / -
Feb 15

Stephane Nonnenmacher, IAS

Quantized Poincarè maps in chaotic scattering
Fine Hall 110 / -
Feb 08

H. Berestycki, École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), Paris and University of Chicago

Generalized principal eigenvalue of elliptic operators in unbounded domains and applications
Fine Hall 110 / -
Jan 21

Tadahiro Oh, University of Toronto

White noise for KdV, mKdV, and cubic NLS on the circle
Fine Hall 110 / -
Jan 21

Jacques Smulevici, Max Planck Insitute, Potsdam

On the structure of singularities of solutions to the Einstein equations with toroidal symmetry
Fine Hall 110 / -
Dec 14

Fang Wang, MIT

Radiation field for Einstein Vacuum equations
Fine Hall 110 / -
Nov 23

Abhay Ashtekhar, Pennsylvania State University

Quasi-local horizons
Fine Hall 110 / -
Nov 16

Ignacio Uriarte-Tuero, Michigan State University

Astala's conjecture on Hausdorff measure distortion under planar quasiconformal mappings and related removability problems
Fine Hall 110 / -
Nov 11

Michael Reiterer, ETH, Zurich

Strongly Focused Gravitational Waves
Fine Hall 110 / -
Oct 26

Jared Speck, Cambridge University

The stability of the irrotational Euler-Einstein system with a positive cosmological constant
Fine Hall 110 / -
Oct 26

Kyril Tintarev, Uppsala University

Cocompact imbeddings and critical nonlinearity revisited
Fine Hall 110 / -
Oct 18

Oana Ivanovici, Johns Hopkins University

Counterexamples to the Strichartz estimates for the wave equation in domains
Fine Hall 110 / -
Oct 12

Rupert Frank, Princeton University

Ground states of the $L^2$-critical boson star equation
Fine Hall 110 / -