Analysis Seminar

Organizers: Maxime Van de Moortel, Tristan Leger, Alan Chang. The Analysis Seminar will take place in a hybrid format, some talks will be in person, some others will be online. All in-person talks will be broadcast live on Zoom (but not recorded).


To connect to the online talks, or the live broadcast of the in-person talk, please connect on Zoom via the link:   (password required)

Sep 20

Nikolay Tzvetkov, Cergy Paris University

Concerning the pathological set in the context of probabilistic well-posedness (online talk)

We will discuss a complementary result to the probabilistic well-posedness for the nonlinear wave equation. More precisely, we show that there is a dense G_delta… See Full Abstract

Sep 27

Zaher Hani, University of Michigan, in-person

Kinetic wave turbulence theory: rigorous results
Fine Hall 314 / -

The central claim of wave turbulence theory is that the generic longtime behavior of a nonlinear dispersive system is described by a corresponding kinetic equation… See Full Abstract

Oct 07

Andrew Lawrie

TBA (in-person talk)
Oct 11

Tuomo Kuusi, University of Helsinki

TBA (online talk)
Nov 08

Alessio Figalli, ETH Zurich

TBA (online talk)