Algebraic Geometry Seminar

The Algebraic Geometry Seminar meets Tuesdays at 4:30 PM in Fine Hall 322. Organizers: János Kollár, Chenyang Xu, Jakub Witaszek and Louis Esser

Oct 03

Louis Esser, Princeton University

Symmetries of Fano varieties
Fine Hall 322 / -

A landmark result of Birkar, Prokhorov, and Shramov shows that automorphism groups of Fano (or more generally rationally connected) varieties over C of a… See Full Abstract

Oct 10
Oct 24

Yongnam Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

Positivity of the tangent bundle and total dual VMRT
Fine Hall 322 / -

The total dual VMRT of a family of minimal rational curves carries some information on the positivity of the tangent bundle of rationally connected… See Full Abstract

Oct 31

Meng Chen, Fudan University

Fine Hall 322 / -
Nov 07

Yueqiao Wu, IAS

Fine Hall 322 / -
Nov 20

Siqing Zhang, IAS

Fine Hall 401 / -

Please note the day and time for this special AG seminar. 

Nov 28

Linquan Ma, Purdue and IAS

Fine Hall 322 / -