Projected Green’s Function Methods Applied to Quasi-Periodic Systems and the Dry Ten Martini Problem

Dan Borgnia, UC Berkeley
Jadwin Hall A06

In-Person Talk 

The resolvents of finite volume restricted Hamiltonians, GxxΛ(), have long been used to describe the localization of quantum systems. More recently, projected Green's functions (pGfs) -- finite volume restrictions of the resolvent -- have been applied to translation invariant free fermion systems, and the pGf zero eigenvalues have been shown to determine topological edge modes in free-fermion systems with bulk-edge correspondence. In this talk, I will connect the pGfs to the GxxΛ() appearing in the transfer matrices of quasi-periodic systems and discuss what pGF zeros can tell us about the solutions to transfer matrix equations. Using these methods, we re-examine the critical almost-Matthieu operator and notice new guarantees on analytic regions of its resolvent for Liouville irrationals.