On the evolution of solutions to a many-body Schrödinger equation

Matei Machedon, University of Maryland
Fine Hall 110

In part I, I will describe background material and a new proof for the uniqueness of solutions to the Gross-Pitaevskii hierarchy. This is joint work with S. Klainerman and is a simplification, based on space-time estimates, of an older proof of Erdös, Schlein and Yau.In Part II (joint work with M. Grillakis and D. Margetis) I will discuss a new, highly non-linear but explicit NLS in two space variables, whose solutions, if they exist, provide a second order correction to the usual tensor product approximation, which works in the Fock space norm. This is inspired by recent work of Rodnianski and Schlein, as well as older work of Wu.