Capillary Gravity Water Waves Linearized at Monotone Shear Flows: Eigenvalues and Inviscid Damping

Xiao Liu, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Fine Hall 314

We consider the 2-dimensional capillary gravity water wave problem – the free boundary problem of the Euler equation with gravity and surface tension – of finite depth $x_2 \in (-h,0)$ linearized at a uniformly monotonic shear flow $U(x_2)$. Our main results consist of two aspects, eigenvalue distribution and inviscid damping. We first prove that in contrast to finite channel flow and gravity wave, the linearized capillary gravity wave has two unbounded branches of eigenvalues for high wave numbers. Under certain conditions, we provide a complete picture of the eigenvalue distribution. Assuming there are no singular modes, we obtain the linear inviscid damping. We also identify the leading asymptotic terms of velocity and obtain the stronger decay for the remainders.

This is a joint work with Chongchun Zeng.