Jennifer M. Johnson

Senior Lecturer
Fine Hall 606

Although trained as a number theorist, my primary interest since I came to Princeton in 1999 has been undergraduate teaching.  Since July 2010 I have been helping to oversee the undergraduate program.  My responsibilities include:

  • supervising the multi-section mathematics courses for non-majors 
    (MAT100 -- MAT204)
  • working with junior faculty and graduate students on all issues related to undergraduate teaching
  • advising undergraduate students, particularly about issues related to the lower division courses
  • (lower division) curriculum review and development 

My most recent publication:

"How Small Can a Polynomial Be Near Infinity?"  by Jennifer M. Johnson and János Kollár, American Mathematical Monthly, Volume 118, Number 1, January 2011, pp. 22-40.

We give easy-to-state bounds that depend only on degree for real polynomials in two variables near infinity and near a zero and we prove these results using techniques accessible to undergraduates who have had at least one course in both abstract algebra and complex analysis.