Past Events


May 18

Yariv Aizenbud, Tel Aviv University

Randomized Algorithms for Matrix Decomposition
Fine Hall 224 / -
May 11

Kirill Serkh, Yale University

On the Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations on Regions with Corners
Fine Hall 224 / -
May 09

Edgar Dobriban, Stanford University

Optimal detection of weak principal components in high-dimensional data
TBD / -
May 04

Paul Hand, Rice University

ShapeFit: Exact location recovery from corrupted pairwise directions
Fine Hall 224 / -
May 02

Alex Wein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

How Robust are Reconstruction Thresholds for Community Detection?
Fine Hall 214 / -
May 02

William Perry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A message passing algorithm for cryo-EM and synchronization problems
Fine Hall 214 / -
Apr 13

Roy Lederman, Princeton University

Reconstruction of Molecules in Heterogeneous Samples in Cryo-electron Microscopy using SDP
Fine Hall 224 / -
Apr 06

Oren Raz, Maryland University

Phase retrieval from a single diffraction pattern of separated objects
Fine Hall 224 / -
Mar 30

Joel Tropp, Caltech

The expected norm of a sum of independent random matrices: An elementary approach
Fine Hall 224 / -
Mar 23

Hau-Tieng Wu, University of Toronto

Exploring non stationary and multivariable time series by Concept and alternating diffusion
Fine Hall 224 / -
Mar 16

Jose-Luis Romero, University of Vienna

Multi-taper spectral estimation and accumulation phenomena
Fine Hall 224 / -
Mar 09

Yuehaw Khoo, Physics, Princeton University

Convex optimization approaches to protein structural calculation from NMR
Fine Hall 224 / -