Past Events


May 04

Andrea Bertozzi, University of California, Los Angeles

Graphical Models in Machine Learning, Networks, and Uncertainty Quantification
Mar 11

Keaton Burns, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Flexible spectral methods and high-level programming for PDEs
Jadwin Hall 407 / -
Feb 27

Bjorn Engquist, University of Texas at Austin

Seismic imaging, optimal transport, and remarks on deep learning
Feb 26

Steven Tobias, University of Leeds

Model reduction and direct statistical simulation in fluids
Jadwin Hall 407 / -
Feb 24

Laura Balzano, University of Michigan

Preference Modeling with Context-Dependent Salient Features
Fine Hall 214 / -
Feb 19

Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard, University of Maryland

Wave propagation in inhomogeneous media: An introduction to Generalized Plane Waves
Feb 17

Nizar Touzi, Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées École Polytechnique

Continuous time Principal-Agent problem and optimal planning
Fine Hall 214 / -
Feb 12

Romain Teyssier, University of Zürich, Switzerland

Ideal MHD and constrained transport for finite volume and finite element schemes
Jadwin Hall 407 / -
Feb 10

Madeleine Udell, Cornell University

Scalable Semidefinite Programming
Fine Hall 214 / -
Feb 03

Alex Barnett, Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation

Building a better nonuniform fast Fourier transform
Fine Hall 214 / -
Dec 09

Cynthia Vinzant, North Carolina State University

Log-concave polynomials, matroids, and expanders
Fine Hall 214 / -
Dec 02

Boaz Nadler, Weizmann Institute of Science

A new method for the best subset selection problem
Fine Hall 214 / -
Nov 25

Jiequn Han, Princeton University

Deep BSDE: A Unified Framework for Solving High-Dimensional PDEs, FBSDEs, and Control Problems
Fine Hall 214 / -
Nov 18

Mete Soner, Princeton University

Martingale Optimal Transport
Fine Hall 214 / -
Nov 11

Tamara Kolda, Sandia National Laboratories

Randomized Methods for Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition in Unsupervised Learning
Fine Hall 214 / -
Nov 04

Percy Deift, New York University, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Universality in numerical computation
Fine Hall 214 / -
Oct 21

Philip Rosenau, Tel-Aviv University

The Tale of Two Tails
Fine Hall 214 / -
Oct 14

Charles Forbes Gammie, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Modeling the Black Hole Image
Fine Hall 214 / -
Oct 07

Stefan Steinerberger, Yale University

Orthogonality and Oscillation, Sines and Cosines, Sturm and Liouville, Wasserstein and Optimal Transport
Fine Hall 214 / -
Sep 30

Chandrajit Bajaj, University of Texas-Austin

Learning the Koopman Operator for Dynamic
Fine Hall 214 / -
Sep 23

Alexander Barvinok, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Computational complexity of approximation and complex zeros
Fine Hall 214 / -
Sep 16

Min Ye, Princeton University

Reed-Muller codes polarize
Fine Hall 214 / -