Quotients of Toric Orbifolds By Reflections

Quotients of Toric Orbifolds By Reflections

Mikiya Masuda, Osaka City University

Zoom link: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/92116764865

Passcode: 114700

If a rational simple polytope P has an action of a finite group G, then the toric orbifold X(P) associated with P has an induced G-action. The quotient X(P)/G does not inherit the torus action on X(P) because the G-action on X(P) does not commute with the torus action on X(P). However, some examples show that X(P)/G often admits a toric structure when the G-action on P is generated by reflections.

I will discuss this problem based on joint work with T. Horiguchi, J. Shareshian, and J. Song.