An explicit supercuspidal local Langlands correspondence

An explicit supercuspidal local Langlands correspondence

Tasho Kaletha, University of Michigan and IAS

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We will give an explicit construction and description of a supercuspidal local Langlands correspondence for any p-adic group G that splits over a tame extension, provided p does not divide the order of the Weyl group. This construction matches any discrete Langlands parameters with trivial monodromy to an L-packet consisting of supercuspidal representations, and describes the internal structure of these L-packets.

The construction has two parts. The depth-zero part involves generalizing to disconnected groups results of Lusztig on the decomposition of a non-singular Deligne-Lusztig induction. Higher multiplicities occur in this decomposition and are handled using work of Bonnafe-Dat-Rouquier. The positive-depth part involves functorial transfer from a twisted Levi subgroup, which is made possible by an improvement of Yu's construction of supercuspidal representations obtained in recent joint work with Fintzen and Spice, and consideration of Harish-Chandra characters.

We will also discuss ongoing work towards related conjectures: Shahidi's generic L-packet conjecture, Hiraga-Ichino-Ikeda formal degree conjecture,  stability and endoscopic transfer.