From Embedded Contact Homology to Surface Dynamics

Jo Nelson, Rice University and IAS
IAS- Rubenstein Commons, Meeting Room 5

In-Person and Online Talk 

I will discuss work in progress with Morgan Weiler on knot filtered embedded contact homology (ECH) of open book decompositions of S^3 along T(2,q) torus knots to deduce information about the dynamics of symplectomorphisms of the genus (q-1)/2 pages which are freely isotopic to rotation by 1/(2q) along the boundary. I will explain the interplay between the topology of the open book, its presentation as an orbi-bundle, and our computation of the knot filtered ECH chain complex. I will describe how knot filtered ECH realizes the relationship between the action and linking of Reeb orbits and its application to the study of the Calabi invariant and periodic orbits of symplectomorphisms of the pages.