Veblen Research Instructor Paul Minter has been named a 2023 Clay Research Fellow. Huy Tuan Pham, a PhD student at Stanford University also received a Clay Research Fellowship this year.

The citation notes that "Minter works in Geometric Measure Theory, tackling regularity and compactness questions for minimal hypersurfaces in Riemannian manifolds. He has advanced the subject by introducing powerful new techniques for analysing singularities of measure-theoretically defined minimal hypersurfaces with stable regular part, establishing, in particular, the uniqueness of classical tangent cones when they arise, and
(with Wickramasekera) the uniqueness of tangent hyperplanes at branch points, in the absence of lower density classical singularities nearby."

Clay Research Fellowships are awarded on the basis of the exceptional quality of candidates' research
and their promise to become mathematical leaders. For more information visit www.claymath.org.