Professor June Huh was awarded the Fields Medal on July 5th. The International Math Union recognizes Huh for "bringing the ideas of Hodge theory to combinatorics, the proof of the Dowling–Wilson conjecture for geometric lattices, the proof of the Heron–Rota–Welsh conjecture for matroids, the development of the theory of Lorentzian polynomials, and the proof of the strong Mason conjecture."

The Fields Medal is awarded to up to four recipients every four years at the ICM to recognize outstanding mathematical achievement for existing work and for the promise of future achievement.

Former faculty and students who have received the Fields include: John Milnor '51 *54 (1962), Charles Fefferman *69 (1978), William Thurston (1982), Gerd Faltings (1986), Michael Freedman *73 (1986), Edward Witten *76 (1990), Andrei Okounkov (2006), Terence Tao *96 (2006), Elon Lindenstrauss (2010), Manjul Bhargava *01 (2014), Maryam Mirzakhani (2014), and Akshay Venkatesh *02 (2018).