Low-dimensional topology and its interactions with symplectic geometry

June 20-22, 2018 

Symplectic geometry and its interactions with low-dimensional topology

June 28-29, 2018

There will be two mini-conferences in conjunction with the 2018 Princeton RTG Geometry/Topology Summer School, exploring the interaction between low-dimensional topology and symplectic geometry.

The first of these will emphasize a little more the low-dimensional topological component, and the second will focus more on the symplectic side.

The mini-conferences will focus on recent developments in knot theory, three- and four-dimensional topology, and interactions with gauge theory, symplectic geometry, and Floer homology; as well as fundamental flexibility and rigidity problems in symplectic geometry, and pseudo-holomorphic curve methods.

These mini conferences are supported by an NSF RTG grant.

For more information, visit the Geometry/Topology RTG mini conference website.

Mini conferences are held in conjunction with the Princeton Summer School in Low-dimensional Topology and Symplectic Geometry, June 11–29, 2018