3 Princeton Professors Named Fellows of the American Mathematical Society

Professors Alice Chang, Mihalis Dafermos, and Shou-wu Zhang have been named fellows of the American Mathematical Society for 2016.Chang was sited for her "contributions to geometric analysis, nonlinear partial differential equations, and harmonic analysis;" Dafermos for his work in general relativity and PDEs; and Zhang for his " contributions to Arakelov geometry, arithmetic dynamics, and for extensions of the Gross-Zagier formula”.
This is the fourth class of AMS Fellows since the program's inception. Previous Princeton faculty to receive this honor include: Manjul Bhargava, William Browder, Peter Constantin, Weinan E, David Gabai, Robert Gunning, Joseph Kohn, János Kollár, Elliott Lieb, Yakov Sinai, Christopher Skinner, and Elias Stein