Variations of the Yang-Mills Lagrangian in high dimension

Riccardo Caniato, California Institute of Technology
Fine Hall 110

*note location change*

In this talk we will present some analysis aspects of gauge theory in high dimension. First, we will study the completion of the space of arbitrary smooth bundles and connections under L^2-control of their curvature. We will start from the classical theory in critical dimension (i.e. n=4) and then move to the super-critical dimension (i.e. n>4), making a digression about the so called “abelian” case and thus showing an analogy between p-Yang-Mills fields on abelian bundles and a special class of singular vector fields. In the last part, we will show how the previous analysis can be used in order to build a Schoen-Uhlenbeck type regularity theory for Yang-Mills fields in supercritical dimension.