Topology Seminar

Oct 18

John Baldwin, Boston College

Khovanov homology, instantons, and link detection
Fine Hall 314 / -

In 2010, Kronheimer and Mrowka proved that Khovanov homology detects the unknot, answering a categorical version of the famous open question of whether the… See Full Abstract

Oct 25

Mike Miller, UCLA

Equivariant instanton homology and group cohomology
Fine Hall 314 / -

Floer's celebrated instanton homology groups are defined for integer homology spheres, but analagous groups in Heegaard Floer and Monopole Floer homology… See Full Abstract

Nov 15

Lisa Piccirillo, UT Austin

Fine Hall 314 / -
Nov 29

Jianfeng Lin, MIT

Fine Hall 314 / -
Dec 06

Siddhi Krishna, Boston College

Taut Foliations, Positive 3-Braids, and the L-Space Conjecture
Fine Hall 314 / -

*The L-Space Conjecture is taking the low-dimensional topology community by storm. It aims to relate seemingly distinct Floer homological, algebraic, and… See Full Abstract