o-minimality and Hodge Theory

Jacob Tsimerman, University of Toronto and Minerva Distinguished Visitor
Fine Hall 314

In-Person and Online Talk 

Register at: https://math.princeton.edu/minerva-2021

Hodge theory provides a way to assign linear-algebraic invariants to algebraic varieties, built out of integrating holomorphic differentially forms. While studying individual Hodge structures can be difficult, understanding them in families is much more approachable. This gives natural "period maps" from algebraic varieties to moduli of Hodge structures, known as "period domains". These period domains are almost never algebraic, but they always admit a definable structure over $\mathbb{R}_{an,exp}$ . This makes them ideal objects for study from the perspective of complex analytic o-minimal geometry. We explain the basic theory, and explain how this leads to a proof of the Griffiths conjecture: The image of period maps are algebraic.